A Fresh Start

Hello! I am excited to announce that I will be blogging my journey towards becoming a Registered Dietitian. I should have started this my freshman year of university, but better late than never!

First things first, let’s go over the basics about me!
My name is Merilyn Malaguit, a second generation Filipino-American with 25% Chinese blood. I am currently finishing up my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at a university, somewhere in NJ (hehe). What are my plans after graduation? Presently, I am on the search for jobs related to the field of nutrition, preferably in the hospital setting. I feel that clinical nutrition is the one thing I haven’t gotten much exposure to as much as I want. Therefore, I have been applying to multiple jobs and am still waiting on calls for interviews. For the time being, I have been volunteering at a local soup kitchen, interning with a Registered Dietitian at her own business, spending a couple of Sundays helping out at a farmers market, and hanging out with friends and family during my leisure time. Based on my experience so far this summer, I can say that I have gotten a lot of exposure to community nutrition, and have been yearning for experience in clinical nutrition. Hopefully I get to explore that area, in order to become more competitive once I apply for the dietetic internship. However, before that, I am definitely thinking of going to grad school, just because I want to gain deeper relationships with my professors, expand on many other experiences and opportunities that make myself a competitive candidate, and also because entry-level registration eligibility education requirements will change in the year of 2024 for dietitians to a minimum of a graduate degree (I want to knock out grad school asap). & Let’s be honest… well-written recommendation letters are one of the key elements to a DI application!

Last but not least, I just wanted to let you all know that this blog is not so much of a professional outlet, but a means of documenting my journey- so I will definitely be keeping this laid back & informal!

Join me on my journey in this wonderful field of nutrition where you get a “morsel” of my life!



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