Farmers Market Fun!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I spent a couple of my Sundays helping out at a farmers market, specifically in Glen Rock, NJ. Their farmers market started running up in June, and lasts until November. Since I am patiently still waiting on job interviews, I have decided to help out my fellow boss at her new business, called Nutritiva. Boss, you say? Well, I actually do have a job–but it’s not something that I do on a regular basis…so I guess you can say it’s part-time? I am a Nutrition Educator for a small nutrition program called F.A.N. Club, which is under Nutritiva, and what this program does is it focuses on organic gardening and nutrition for elementary school kids. F.A.N. Club stands for Food, Agriculture, & Nutrition, which are emphasized in this program. Therefore, for the past semester, I have been spending my Tuesdays from 2-4 helping teach kids about this philosophy. Soooo, I’m currently not doing this job because school just ended for the kiddos!

So back to my point- I’m helping my boss out at the Glen Rock Farmers Market on the Sundays I am available and it has been a great experience so far. The market runs from 10am- 2pm but I would come at 9am. For the entire shift, I mainly promote the company and its services, distribute weekly recipes, have the public sign up for the newsletter, & manage the “Build your own compost” station which is mainly for the kids, which includes a handout about composting basics.

Therefore, this is definitely a great way to see how a Farmers Market like this one runs, and it is nice to be outside especially now that the weather has been great. Also, many of the vendors sell local & fresh fruits & veggies, which are mostly of the organic variety! Oh, I forgot- it’s also easy money since my role is mainly talking to the public.  I am able to gain more confidence in public speaking with this task- which has been a benefit for me. Another perk to working at the farmers market is that you may be lucky to get free food from the vendors! I have gotten a whole loaf of sliced sourdough bread and a cannoli from one of the vendors for FREE! I was so excited haha. So that’s what I’ve been up to on many of my Sundays…it’s fun & relaxing! Ok, I’m going to end this post because I have nothing else to say (LOL)! See you on my next post~



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