Getting Back on Track!

Hello! Last time I wrote a blog post, it was back in July of 2017. It’s almost a year later- and I told myself that I’d continue with this blog as a means to talk about my journey towards becoming a registered dietitian, and to hopefully influence other future RDs. Right now, all I can say is MAN! So much has happened this past year, and all for the better in regards to my career path. Currently, I am working as a nutrition assistant at a hospital to save up and gain a few moneys here and there. I got the job around October of last year, and it has exposed me to the clinical side of dietetics, and my communication skills and confidence have greatly improved. I have also gained volunteer hours interning alongside a ShopRite dietitian, which is so much fun! I get to create my own handouts as well as the monthly nutrition bulletin board, host cooking demos, sit in on very interesting counseling sessions, and help out in community events. I am definitely liking the community aspect of dietetics, not so much clinical (as of right now), because I’m all about prevention- I especially enjoy it more when kids are involved!
During that time in my life, I have also been getting ready for the dietetic internship application process, through getting my transcripts mailed, my personal statement written, and getting recommendation letters from professors and employers. To keep things short, it was definitely a stressful process, but I didn’t feel any negative feelings or anxiety wondering if I’d get in or not. I chose to apply to ONE internship program, and people RARELY do that–you get people applying to as much as 7 other programs! But somehow, I knew in my heart that the program I chose to apply to was the perfect fit for me in terms of GPA requirements and its community concentration- so I took a leap of faith and went for it! Although I pretty much put all my eggs in one basket, I had this immense hope that I would be granted this internship! And even if I didn’t get in, I still had a good back-up plan in mind.
Fast forward a little, and April 8, 2018 was match day! With all the sweating happening before I signed onto the computer matching site, I just KNEW I would get in. It’s freaky but for some situations, I kind of know what’s about to happen-as if I’m psychic lol. It’s probably because of my good sense of discernment, though. I knew God knows that I worked hard for this, and my prayers were answered–I GOT IN!! I am one of 25 people who got matched to Cedar Crest College’s dietetic internship!! All I could think at that moment was that I would never have to go through that application process again! Hallelujah to first-time acceptances!
Fast forward to today– I’ll be done interning at ShopRite after this month, so all that I need to focus on is my hospital job and getting DI paperwork done. Right now, I am just enjoying my time with friends and family and taking each day at a time. I’m excited for what the future holds!



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