Day 2: Clinical

Today I learned about the different types of mechanically-altered + therapeutic diets that are in LB. Morning meeting took place at 9am where the interdisciplinary team discussed new admissions or any other issues going on at the facility. While that was happening, I made copies of some worksheets in a diabetes book, in which I shadowed the RD giving diabetes education to a Pt who is going to be discharged that day. An IDCP (care plan) meeting took place at 10:15am and the Resident and family members come to discuss with the IDT about progress and feedback to the facility staff. I spent most of my day observing the RD doing quarterly notes on a Resident/Pt’s progress and also MDS for a Resident/Pt’s nutritional status. I’m beginning to grow more comfortable in assessing Pts using the NCP, as well as becoming more familiar with medical terminology such as PTA (prior to admission), 2* (secondary), f/u (follow-up), and more! I’m soaking in all the knowledge right now and can’t wait for more.


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