First day of clinical rotation!

Today (8/7/18) was my first day of my clinical rotation. My preceptor went over a general overview of her day. She also mentioned that LB is currently in survey window in which the state comes to do an inspection. She explained that they try to focus on person-centered care where there’s a focus on what the Pt wants. Pt interviews are administered after a nutrition assessment worksheet is filled out, in order to get more info needed. In the assessment, there’s possibilities of referrals to other members of the interdisciplinary team (ex. SLP for choking on food). I also learned that a normal BMI of geriatrics is around 23-26 because they typically need more needs than an average adult. I helped chart patients and filled the nutrition assessment sheet to get my feet wet and to become more familiar with the NCP process. One of the diagnosis for a Pt was: Potential swallowing difficulty r/t Resident c/o x2 episodes unspecified as evidenced by h/o esophageal ulcer removal. The other diagnosis was related to a Resident who needs adequate nutrition for his wound. Overall, today was a good first day and I learned a lot about charting and assessing Pts. It only gets easier as the weeks go by. I want to improve on my nutrition knowledge, identifying labs, medications, and so much more!


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