Day 4: Clinical

Today, I got to experience assessing a Pt on a PEG tube feeding, in which I was able to refresh my memory and calculate calories, protein, and free water for the Pt’s needs based on the tube feeding that he is assigned. When monitoring, it is important to note any residuals happening, if the Pt is tolerating the tube feeding well, and if there’s any N/D/V/C going on. I learned that if a certain tube feeding brand is low on protein and you don’t want to change the TF because it’ll increase other parts of the TF that’s unnecessary (i.e. calories, free water, vitamin A, etc.), you can add Prostat to the TF (a protein supplement)- which I thought was cool haha. For most of the day, I helped with doing nutrition assessments on new admissions, and did f/u for long-term care Residents. I observed the RD doing a f/u on a Hospice Resident and she mentioned that the Residents are d/c on many medications and doctor visits in order to alleviate discomfort and transition to an end of life stage where comfort is the main goal. Labs are d/c as well because Hospice Pts don’t need to have needles poked into them which is discomforting. Overall, I think this first week has been very informative so far and I’m excited to apply what I learned and hopefully be able to do it on my own. The RD (my preceptor) is so nice! She is very involved with the Pt’s lives and knows everyone by name, and their food preferences. I hope to be an RD like her because I can tell she really genuinely cares about her Pts and she has a great rapport with her co-workers and other members of the IDT!


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