meal rounds & warm hearts

Today was a chill day. First thing I did was do a nutrition assessment on a new Pt admission to the Sub Acute Rehab unit. I looked through the Pt’s binder to check weight, height, medications, diagnosis, complaints, body assessments, etc. After collecting all this information, I went to the Pt’s room and interviewed him on his appetite. I asked about any difficulties chewing/swallowing, food allergies, usual body weight, if he has his own teeth, and food preferences. It’s also important to note if the Pt has any complaints of N/V/D/C, any weight changes, difficulty feeding, if they follow a special diet at home, or if any pain is affecting appetite. This was my first time interviewing a Pt in a nursing home setting as a dietetic intern, and I felt really relaxed and confident that I’m learning a lot in order to become a competent dietitian. Afterwards, I calculated the Pt’s BMI, calorie needs, protein, and fluid needs. I came up with a nutrition diagnosis and a plan of action. There were tweaks made by the RD, but for the most part, I did pretty good for my first time doing it alone! I’m confident that I’ll be an expert in no time. Once I finished assessing that Pt, I went on meal rounds to observe breakfast POs, and asked Pts if they ate all their food for breakfast and if they had any complaints to address. It was good practice talking to Pts, and thankfully I already have that experience under my belt being a Nutrition Assistant at a hospital. I assisted the RD with f/u of long-term care Residents, as well as weight reviews. During the day, I witnessed a Resident reporting that he had chest pain/trouble with breathing, so the nurse attended to him right away and checked his BP and gave him medication to subside his pain. The nursing staff was very comforting to the Resident, as well as my preceptor, giving him hugs and pats, reassuring him that he was going to be alright. In that moment, I was so heart-warmed and really admire the staff for their genuine efforts. It makes me excited to become a dietitian and have that same genuity to my Pts.


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