milkshakes & calorie counts

I assessed two new Pt XFR to the SAR unit and accompanied RD in the Pt interview. I’m getting more exposure to doing these assessments and looking through the Pt binder and pre-admission paperwork. Still having trouble deciphering meds and labs, but it’s going to be a slow process. I’ll get there eventually. I also witnessed the RD make a milkshake for a Pt, which I thought was so nice because she really cares for the Pts and Residents and knows their likes and dislikes. I learned that the SLP screens Pts and confirms their diet, because some Pts may be diagnosed with dysphagia, where they need a texture-modified diet. Another thing I learned briefly is how calorie counts work, and those are usually ordered when a Pt has very low food intake and calories need to be monitored over a period of 3 days. The RD mentioned that calorie counts aren’t her favorite thing because of how inaccurate they are. There’s reliability in nursing staff to report the percentage of how much the Pt ate in a span of 3 days, for BLD, and everyone’s opinion varies. The RD said that she would sometimes have them picture their finished meal and send it to her, so she can decide for herself how much of the meal is eaten. Today was a good day and I’m getting used to the routine. Hopefully it slows down and new admissions don’t keep popping up. During a slow day, I’d like to get more in-depth with certain topics such as more about calorie counts, tube feedings, and nutrition supplements.


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