follow ups & menus

Today was a great day! I started the day off with working on a new Pt admission in the Shubert SAR unit. I looked at her chart to get an overview about her health and possible nutritional issues. I calculated her nutrition needs and spoke to the Pt with the RD to get more information about her food preferences, etc.  Afterwards, I did a few f/u on some Pts in the SAR unit, and I noted new lab reports, mentioned SLP/OT/PT training, new weights, new medications, and other pertinent information related to the Pts’ nutritional status. I also learned that when labs are run and there’s a low level of a certain vitamin, the dietitian can recommend vitamin supplementation. I’m definitely getting the hang of looking at the Pt’s chart and preadmission paperwork to do the nutrition assessment, which is actually fun for me right now. I’m worried once I get more enteral and parenteral nutrition experience, because I have to deal with doing calculations, and TF patients are critical, and you can’t make a mistake in the calculations. But I’m still excited to learn more things and get the hang of it. At the end of the day, I finished off by assisting three long-term care Residents on menu selection for the upcoming week. It was good practice for me to speak with the LTC Residents and be more comfortable talking to them. Next up is my patient counseling project, and I’ve decided that I wanted to do it one-on-one, perhaps with a SAR Pt. I’m excited, and I can’t believe that today marks the completion of week 2 of my dietetic internship…time is going SO FAST it’s crazy.


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