small spoons & helpful handouts

This day was the most relaxed out of all the days that I’ve interned here. I worked on a R/A of a Pt in the SAR unit. I looked for new meds, labs, new dx, and SLP and RD notes. We spent a great amount of time looking for new and pertinent information and I accompanied the RD in writing the note. During lunch time, I observed the RD feeding a Pt in the dementia unit, and it was interesting to know how to feed since that population is dependent for the most part. The Pt wasn’t opening her mouth as wide, and in that situation, using a smaller spoon would probably be better. I also found a Pt I can do nutrition counseling on for one of my projects, and I spent some time looking at his chart to get some basic information about him and his dx. I want to focus on DM2 nutrition ed. I made an outline when I got home, and I want to talk about the plate method, which I believe is a simple and easy way to remember how a meal plate SHOULD look like. I will be doing this session either Thursday or Friday, and my preceptor will evaluate me. I’m not too nervous because my preceptor is so nice and understanding, which makes it easier for me to be myself and to not be afraid to make mistakes. I definitely want to get out of my comfort zone and try my best! We also talked more about the Exchange List and went over the “Choose Your Foods” book which has the lists and is mostly used for people with DM. It’s also commonly used for calorie counts. It was more clear and helpful to me, but I need more hands-on training on it. Hopefully we get a Pt who needs a calorie count done so I can get more practice. At the end of the day, we discussed a little about Cirrhosis, and the RD showed me some helpful handouts she used during her internship. I’d like to photocopy some of those to keep as references to help me in the future. I love handouts lol. Today was a good day.


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