neighborhood meeting & kidney stones

This morning while the RD was at morning meeting, I conducted breakfast meal rounds and made sure Pts in the SAR unit had a diet prescribed in their chart. After that, the RD met up with me and we did a couple of f/u. I’m getting the hang of looking at new information, such as psych consults, SLP notes, new meds, and new labs. We then wrote notes on the Pts we f/u on. I looked through a power point that the RD gave me about DM and I noted some important information that I’m interested in. I sat in on a neighborhood meeting where the IDT discusses their Comfort Matters program in the Broadway on Hudson dementia unit. It was interesting to observe the RD talk about her standpoint regarding the Pts’ weights and appetite expectations. At the end of the day, we talked about kidney stones and how it’s important to limit high-salt foods. I also found out that the MD ordered a calorie count for one of the Pts (for 3 days) in the SAR unit, and I’m excited because I get to experience doing that! I’ll also be preparing for my counseling session this Friday…hopefully it’s not too bad and I don’t get too nervous. Wish me luck!


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