fiber & magic cups

Another new week. Although I spent my whole entire weekend working, it feels good that I start a new fresh week at my internship. I did an initial assessment on a Pt in the SAR unit who has a L TKR. It was a pretty easy assessment, and the Pt was so nice and easy going. I interviewed him on his food preferences…and the one thing I forgot to do is observe the Pt’s physical appearance while interviewing, in order to spot any signs of edema or skin breakdown. Next time I’ll try to do that lol. It just feels weird to me if I’m not making eye contact with them the whole time haha. I talked to the Pt about the importance of fiber since he c/o constipation. I said it was probably due to his pain medication and inactivity, and that he should consider consuming prunes or prune juice, salads, whole wheat items, fruits, and keep himself hydrated to promote bowel movement. Afterwards, I learned how to do a calorie count on my own using the Food List, and it was actually kind of fun! I noted the total calories, protein, and fluid consumption for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a span of three days. The nursing staff records a percentage of how much the Pt eats (starch, juice, coffee, soup, etc.), and with that information, I determine the consumption amount and average all the days together to see how much the Pt is eating compared to his estimated nutritional needs. The particular patient we had today was way below his estimated needs, and we found out that he has a -5.8% weight loss after two weeks. The RD and I recommended he be put on weekly weights to monitor his weight loss in case it turns out to be severe over time. Also, we recommended an Ensure and Magic Cup for him to consume in between his meals- to hopefully get more calories and protein in his system. A doctor usually orders a calorie count to be done on a Pt to see how much they are eating, but it is apparent even from the start that his appetite is poor. Hopefully he gets better in time. Today was another good day of learning, and I can’t wait for more more more~


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