scales & CEUs

I did an initial assessment on a Pt w/ a dx of falls, seizures, and tremors. It was fairly easy. His nutrition dx is overweight-obesity, but to be honest…although gradual weight loss is beneficial, that is not his primary issue at hand during his stay here. So, we left it at the Pt’s goal to get adequate nutrition to meet his needs. This day was overall ok as well. Nothing significantly new that I experienced today, but I did learn about the different scales they use to weigh people, which is good to know. Also, my preceptor gave me sites that offer free CEU credits to maintain the RDN credential every 5 years. I learned more about CKD Stage III, which is pertinent to my case study that is due next Monday. I also start my master’s class today and I’m nervous but excited…all this work is starting to pile up, with the Evidence Based In-Service presentation I have to do (which I kind of sort of dread but it’s important), my masters classes, journals and weekly quizzes…plus I have a health expo to attend this Sunday and I’m helping run the nutrition booth. At least that’s within my scope of knowledge. I just want to get things organized, over and done with! Bring on the weekend!!



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