adult FTT & wounds

Today I did a new Pt nutrition assessment on someone whose main dx was adult FTT due to a sciatica on the right side of his body, causing pain and ultimately robbing his appetite. The RD and I spoke to him about protein’s importance and he was agreeable to trying Prostat as a healing supplement to add more protein in his system. Today, I shadowed a wound doctor and it was very interesting to know the nutritional implications in Pts who have wounds, and how nutrition can help the healing process. I found out I wasn’t as strong as I thought I would be lol. Some of the wounds were graphic and had a foul odor. Others were also filled with pus and I even witnessed someone’s sacral area dripping with blood (bleh). I liked the nutrition part and the idea of wound healing, but I don’t like looking at it and found myself holding my breath because of the distasteful odor. But I understand that it’s something that can’t be controlled…other than that, I thought it was really interesting to get a different perspective than what I would normally face as a dietitian.


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