pickles & pancreatitis

There was a new admission today in the Shubert SAR unit. I looked over preadmission and admission paperwork and noted down things that were pertinent. I tried going to the Pt’s room 2x to interview her, but she was asleep, so I decided to go back at a later time with the RD. We eventually finished the initial nutrition assessment for the new admit and created a nutritional note afterwards. I conducted meal rounds and noted how much the Pts ate from their breakfast tray by looking through them. It gave me an idea of their intake for breakfast, and I relayed my findings to the RD. When I met up with the RD after her morning meeting, we talked a little about wounds and how circulation is really important. Protein is important as well to speed up the healing process. My preceptor is going to arrange for me to shadow the wound doctor, which I think is really cool and would help me a lot in understanding wound healing more in relation to medical nutrition therapy. I learned that medical records are forever- you can’t redo or edit them, but you can add an addendum after the note, however there will be a line crossed over the error which is still legible. It’s very important to DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! To save yourself and every encounter you make with the Pt/Resident or their family members should be addressed. At the end of the day, I learned a little about the MNT for pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, which is definitely an important thing for me to know. Today was also BBQ day, which is every Thursday during the summer months. I got two mini veggie burgers no bun, pickles (which I love), and a little macaroni salad on the side. I also brought blueberries from home! I thought they would have ice cream sandwiches (which is my weakness lol), but I didn’t see a cooler with them. It’s okay because I have ice cream at home. Today was a good day and I’m glad tomorrow is Friday- but man these days are going by so quickly! I’ll be done with clinicals in no time. I’m surprised because I’m liking it so far especially being hesitant before starting this rotation since MNT gets a rep for being difficult. And it helps that my preceptor is really cool and understanding!


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