Day 4: Clinical

Today, I got to experience assessing a Pt on a PEG tube feeding, in which I was able to refresh my memory and calculate calories, protein, and free water for the Pt’s needs based on the tube feeding that he is assigned. When monitoring, it is important to note any residuals happening, if the Pt… Continue reading Day 4: Clinical


Day 3: Clinical

While the RD was at morning meeting, I went to start a new admission’s nutrition assessment using her chart binder and going over the preadmission paperwork to get more information and add into the nutrition assessment form. We came up with a diagnosis, intervention, and goals to resolve a core nutritional problem the Pt may… Continue reading Day 3: Clinical

Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits with a Filipino family

As a first generation Filipino-American, most of the cuisine prepared at my home follows the three principles of filipino cooking..."never cook any food by itself, fry with garlic in olive oil or lard, and foods should have a sour-cool-salty taste" (Adoption Nutrition, 2017). I can say that when my mom & dad cooks rice and… Continue reading Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits with a Filipino family